Sissy training.


I am currently unique in providing a structured maid training program in Switzerland. This is a dream come true for those of you that have dreamt of entering service.


The process begins with an interview. This will be conducted in full black uniform, which you will need to be purchased from me beforehand. It’s a uniform, all my maids need to be identically dressed!


During the interview which will last 45 minutes you will be questioned about your previous experiences, your ambitions and your aptitude. I will also ask you about your BDSM limits including if you have any ‘forced-bi’ fantasies, as I may be able to assist you to fulfill these. Once you have completed your interview you will be allowed to subscribe to one of my monthly maid training courses.


Alone or in small groups of 2 or 3 and dressed in your uniform you will be initially trained in basic chambermaid and housemaid duties: bed making, bathroom cleaning, hoovering and dusting under the supervision of myself or my permanent sissy maid who will assess your performance. Once the house is clean you will change into you black uniform and you learn to perform either parlor maid and kitchen maid duties.


Those selected for kitchen work will assist the cook in preparing light refreshments throughout the afternoon, as well as with the preparation of the evening meal. You will also be responsible for keeping the kitchen spotlessly clean and ensuring the dishwasher is loaded and unloaded. You will be expected to scrub the floor on your hands and knees with a brush before using the mop to finish the job before leaving for the day.


Those selected for parlor maid duties will wait on me and my guests, answer call bells, open the front door and ensuring the bathrooms are clean.

You will also serve and clear diner for my guests and I. For the reasons of confidentiality you’ll be allowed to wear the hood in front of my guest.


My guests will be treated with the same respect as me. When they enter in your presence , you will immediately stop whatever you are doing, curtsey than turn and face the wall (except those cooking food) until they have walked past. When you enter a room to answer a bell, if I am in the room you will curtsey to me first before curtseying to the ladies and then the gentleman. You will address me as Madame and the ladies as either Miss or their title (Mistress, my Lady etc) Gentlemen you will call Sir! Once you have received your commands your are to curtsey to the relevant party and acknowledge the request by saying ‘Yes Madame, Miss, my Lady, Sir etc.


Many of my guests are proMistresses and Masters. Like myself they have very high expectations and are not afraid to discipline you for any slip up. But we warned, if you are deliberately making mistakes in order to seek attention you may receive un severe punishment from them. Others maybe clients and you are here to make them as comfortable as possible. If you agree, you may be asked to assist during sessions and will be required to tidy the dungeon afterwards.


The costs:


Initial 30 minute interview (including an assessment for physical punishment and BDSM limits)




After you've passed the interview, you might stay and work at my house straight away. Your sisi training will cost you 200 per hour.


2 hours minimum session for this fetish is required.


Notice that we will not play any other games except this sissy maid training if you purchase this type of session.


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