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One of my favorite fetishes. I adore when submissive kissing, sucking and licking my toes and feet. My feet are my erogenous zone.  I enjoy so much seeing you in absolute ecstasy and subspace roll around under my feet, making love with your mouth to my toes, forgetting all life and daily routine. Yes! My feet become the center of your universe. And that is the absolute dominant power of a woman that you can feel.


I’m taking very much care about my feet. As the most beautiful Goddess feet of the world they deserve the most exclusive and luxurious SPA and care that could exist and the most elegant and high-class shoes.

What is foot fetish in BDSM👄?

Many sessions go around the passion for legs. The feet of the Lady becomes an instrument of great humiliation: ⠀


👠forced caresses, licking or sucking toes ⠀

👠trampling on the body and face of the submissive⠀

👠legs bastinado (whipping)⠀

👠 cheeks beating with toes

👠 light spanking with naked feet ⠀

We are discussing techniques with the submissive before the session. ⠀

🔥 I Behave as a Goddess. This behavior inflames the passion of the submissive to the limit. ⠀

🔥For some sessions, on demand, I Do not wash my feet before the session. The smell and taste of my feet will bring the submissive into a frenzy. ⠀

🔥My feet always look appetizing. Velvety skin, no cracks or corns. I’m decorating my legs with bracelets, rings, pedicure. You have to notice how I adore myself, so you will worship me even harder. ⠀

🔥 You can play with bare feet, but I can also wear tights, stockings, heels. ⠀

🔥I’ll walk around your body, or stroke your erogenous zones with my feet or shoes to tease you. ⠀

A moment of history🤪

The Chinese had a massive fetish for small women's feet. Girls from childhood drew down the legs with ribbons of silk so that they would not grow. It was painful, and walking on such legs was agonizing, but the foot worship required sacrifices ... Girls' shoes were the size of a pack of cigarettes, or even smaller. The Chinese compared such a foot with a lotus bud. Each girl hid the "bud" under long skirts😉 ⠀

So don’t wait anymore, come to worship my “lotus bud”. And don’t forget to see my taboos and rates, as well as my wishlist because if you want to please the gorgeous Mistress that I’ll be for you - you should know that my favorite ultimate present will be? Off course - Louboutins. 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠

BDSM Geneva BDSM Paris Footfetish Mistress
BDSM Geneva BDSM Paris Footfetish Mistress
Femdom Geneva Femdom Paris


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