A BDSM experience is like an intricate performance. Each participant has to be overtaken by the character they play. It is a joyful escape journey from the stresses and monotonous routines of daily life into a liberating world of freedom.



I find pleasure in taking you on this adventure and teaching you the joys of pain and pleasure, and tease and denial. Whether your preference is for hard BDSM or softer play I will help you explore your fantasies and develop them.



No matter which experience we choose to explore what matters most is that we have fun and enjoy it. The more we play and mix up things the more fun I will have and the more you will learn about yourself and your fetishes.  While I am sadistic I don't feel the need to inflect pain. My sadistic side feeds on your love of pain and the more this excites you the more sadistic I will become. Having said this you mustn’t feel the necessity to endure pain as a condition to meet me. I also enjoy the sensuality of soft domination and the look of worship I see in my slaves’ eyes.



As I will always respect your limits I expect you to always respect mine. In our session, you must remember that BDSM isn’t a sexual experience but more of an erotic one and hence you will have no sexual intercourse with me, no cunnilingus, no anilingus and I will not be involved in helping you reach a climax. I will, however, allow you to release yourself of the sexual tension that will develop during the session and you will do so under my clear instructions. Once our session is over you must understand that I don’t mix reality with fantasy and while you may wish for your fantasy to extend I will not in any way encourage this. My preference will be out of the session to have a respectful and friendly relationship without any domination or humiliation involved.


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